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In the core of the colony is the termite queen, who's responsible for egg production. Termite larvae can lay more than a thousand eggs in a single moment. There are species of termites in Africa whose queen lays an egg every 2-3 seconds. This amounts to 30-35 thousand eggs a day.



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She can not move by herself, and when necessary she's moved to a new location by several dozens of employee termites.The mound itself has from several hundred up to several million members. It will become evident that the arrival of these insects will soon lead for their catastrophically rapid reproduction.You can find termite mounds in yard that are similar to entire cities, with a height of approximately 2-3 meters.



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And there are many passages and tunnels constructed underground, spanning dozens of meters.Whats on Termites MenuThe main source of food for termites is cellulose contained in the wood. These insects are able to consume dry leaves, tree stumps, and newspaper. That is why in South American cities you can rarely find novels more than 50 decades old they are all damaged by wood termites.

Consequently, wood termites cause no damage to the ecosystem.Some species of termites can eat linen, wool, and cotton materials, in addition to leather goods, even though they do so rarely and unenthusiastically.The most interesting facet is that only the workers really feed themselves. They dig tunnels in wood, partially digest the cellulose and nourish termite soldiers and the queen using digested substance.



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The worst part is that it is all but impossible to detect them immediately, so the process of getting rid of termites is postponed indeterminately. Wood termites can remain hidden and reside in wooden structures without revealing their presence for many years. These constructions may look undamaged, but inside they will be hollowed out by termite tunnels.

Long Termites LiveThe lifespan of termites depends on their species and their caste. Worker termites live for 1-2 years. Meanwhile, under the ideal conditions, the queen can live for about 10 decades. During this time, the colonys numbers are increased hundred times over, and new colonies could emerge from it.

After starting straight from the source a new colony and beginning to mate, the termites drop their wings, which never develop back.Termites Inside HouseOver a couple of years, termites can damage or completely destroy houses wooden bearing structures. Getting rid of termites is a question of your house security. DIY termite treatment is a necessary measure.By time the home owner finds the presence of termites, the majority of the wooden structures will be completely ruined by house termites and DIY termite treatment will probably be unnecessary.



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What should you do in order to perform an appropriate DIY termite treatmentLook for those signs of house termites infestation: Even if you havent found any signs of the insects first time, it doesnt mean they arent there. There may be indirect signs of their presence: sagging floors, little holes in wooden elements.

Tap on the wood. If it sounds hollow and a few dust (that is apparently termite dust) pours from it, that means its already hollowed out by termite tunnels. Another telltale sign is if you can easily pierce the wood with a screwdriver. Its the right signal to begin getting rid of termites urgently.Traces of Feces: House termites feces look like little granules colored slightly darker than wood.

Subterranean termites live underground, inside woodpileswood and manure heaps, whilst drywood termites reside in wood exclusively. Subterranean and drywood termites treatment are conducted in different ways, so its important to determine exactly what kind has infested your home.How To Eliminate Termites In Your HouseIf you discover signs of termite presence, you should begin with termite treatment immediately.



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Do it yourself termite treatment provides no guaranteeOf complete termites extermination. It all depends on the intensity of infestation, the skill of the person conducting the DIY termite treatment, and on the termite killer compounds used.Termite Treatment ChemicalsThe ideal way to eliminate termites is to use termite treatment chemicals.

This is an expensive compound. It is blended with water according to the instructions and then utilized to treat wooden constructions or fill the moat around the house foundation. Soaking in the ground, this kind of termite treatment chemicals repels house termites and creates a barrier against insects. Fipronil is the main ingredient of Termidor SC Termiticide.Imidacloprid Granules is a popular and easy-to-use termite killer, yet efficient in the process of getting rid of termites.

4 kg of compounds is enough to get a 60-meter strip around the property. This compound termite treatment is two times more economical than the liquid one. There are many imidacloprid-based products on the market which directly answers the question how to get rid of termites. Termidor fipronil foam is a slow-acting of termite treatment chemicals.

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